Easy Food Swaps

Food swaps are great for foods that aren’t as healthy as their alternatives. You can be craving sugar or a certain aspect of a food, but there is likely a healthy option that is similar to the food you are craving.  This is a short list of foods that I saw on BuzzFeed but this is the link if you want to see the whole list!

1 egg >>>> 2 egg whites

  • An egg yolk contains fat and cholesterol so swap 1 egg with 2 egg whites and have a healthier meal!

1 cupcake >>>> 1 bowl of strawberries

  • Cupcakes are packed full of sugar, so try eating strawberries, which provide natural sugars and are healthier.

butter and syrup on pancakes >>>> pecans and yogurt on pancakes

  • Butter and syrup are high in sugar and fat so swap the butter for yogurt and the syrup for pecans for less sugar.


glass of orange juice >>>> an orange

  • Orange juice contains more sugar than an orange and eating an orange will also give you a source of fiber.

1 can of soda >>>> 1 glass of iced tea or cranberry juice

  • Soda has no health benefits and is sugary but a glass of iced tea or cranberry juice will give you sugar along with health benefits such as increasing your metabolism!

1 bagel >>>> 1 english muffin

  • An english muffin is less carbs than a bagel.

white bread >>>> whole, wheat or multi grain bread

  • White bread is packed with carbs and no health benefits.  If you’re going to use bread, whole, wheat or multi grain bread has vitamins and minerals that white bread does not and will provide health benefits.


milk chocolate >>>> dark chocolate

These are a few food swaps but Health.com also has a list!



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