Foods That Help You Hydrate

Water is an essential part of helping your body to function.  Water is in your cells, tissues and organs and is composed of 60% of your body.  My post about the Health Benefits of Water gives all the benefits that water gives.  This post is about foods that help you stay hydrated, since water is so essential to health and is a list from Healthy Eating.


Watermelon and Strawberries — 92% water

Fresh Grapefruits and Oranges sliced

Grapefruit — 91% water

Cantaloupe — 90% water

Peaches — 88% water

Pineapple, Cranberries, Oranges and Raspberries — 87% water


Blueberries — 85% water

Apples and Pears — 84% water

Cherries and Grapes — 81% water


Cucumbers and Lettuce — 96% water

Zucchini, Radish and Celery — 95% water


Tomatoes — 94% water

Eggplant, Red Cabbage, Peppers and Spinach — 92% water

Broccoli — 91% water


Carrots — 87% water


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