How To Peel A Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a great snack as well as having many health benefits.  Pomegranates are dense in antioxidants, preventing cholesterol and “seeds act a lot like aspirin, keeping blood platelets from sticking together and forming dangerous blood clots. [2]” Global Healing Center.  Pomegranates also help control weight, help against cell damage and lowers risk of diseases.


Directions for Eating a Pomegranate

  1. Cut off the crown and discard in your compost pile.
  2. Score and slice the rind all around, but don’t cut the rind all the way through.
  3. Soak the pomegranate face down in cold water for about ten minutes.
  4. While the pomegranate is still in the bowl of water, break apart the scored rinds, and remove the seeds from the flesh (the seeds will sink to the bottom of your bowl).
  5. Remove the rind and membrane from the bowl with a sieve or spoon
  6. Drain the seeds with a colander and pat dry with a paper towel



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