Hi everyone!! This page will tell you a little about me and why I started this blog!

My name is Ryleigh Peterson, I am 18 and a freshman in college in Washington D.C.  I was very active in high school, being on the soccer and track team all 4 years and was continuously in one or the other all year round.  I ate healthy, but didn’t have to be entirely health conscious because I was always moving and burning anything I ate off.  As it came time to apply for college, I had to think about what I wanted to do.  I loved being co-captain of my track team and decided to run in college.  Unfortunately, I hurt my knee at the end of my season senior year, which made training difficult.  I decided not to run in college but didn’t understand how it was going to change my lifestyle.  I kept eating with the habits I had always done but without doing a sport, I started to not feel as good about myself.  So, I began researching healthy eating and alternatives to foods I would eat at home, but didn’t have available to me at college.

It is so difficult to eat good foods that are both high in quality and affordable for college students.  The “freshman 15” is a well known term for freshmen gaining 15 pounds when going into college.  There is so much freedom at college, including freedom of food.  In my home, my parents are all about organics and eating healthy, so my sisters and I were brought up to eat healthy, but when I went to college, there were so many food options in the dining hall such as pizza, pasta, burgers and fries, the healthy foods can easily take a back seat.

Therefore, my blog about a healthy lifestyle and affordable, healthy options for college students!! And who better to write it then a college student trying to figure it out herself. The “freshman 15” doesn’t have to be  reality for all freshman in college.  With the right guides and knowledge to healthy eating, college can be a place to build a new and healthy you!

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